RCYSL Challenge Soccer

Rapid City Challenge (RCC) is a higher tier of soccer formed by Rapid City Youth Soccer League to be more competitive and challenging. This level is designed for the player who is seeking a higher level of competition with the intent to accelerate and enhance the individual performance of the player.

This level is a more intense program than “recreational soccer” with a heavier commitment of time for practices to improve players' individual skills. The Challenge program is currently available at the U-10, U-12, U-14 and U-16 age divisions. RCC is a one year program with Fall / Winter / Spring seasons.

The challenge mission

RCC is a part of RCYSL, therefore the mission must fall within the RCYSL mission focusing on “providing fair and sportsmanship-like opportunities for recreational competition.” Recreational competition being defined as follows:

  1. Providing a fun, learning environment for young players.

  2. Development of well-rounded soccer players.

  3. Development of a sense of team and commitment to others.

  4. Development of competitive players that play for the love of the game as opposed to the love of winning.

Challenge Coaches

RCYSL Challenge coaches all have some level of coaching certification and are required to constantly strive toward improving themselves as coaches using the USYS Coaching model or the NSCAA Coaching model. Because all of our coaches have these certifications, this allows us to better help your young soccer player be the best soccer player they can be.

Academy Training

The purpose of the RCYSL Academy style training is to bring an entire age group, as a whole, up together in not only their individual skill sets but also in their understanding of how to play the game. The Academy format allows the coaches to work with the entire age group and give each and every individual player the same coaching and message so there is a common understanding among the whole group as they get older and require more players on the field. This is a great format to help build our program for the 11 v 11 game and have well-rounded players and teams when they get there.

For more in-depth information about RCYSL Challenge Soccer, please click here. This document includes a more detailed explanation of coaching philosophy, player requirements and the try-out and draft process.