RCYSL Code of Conduct

The Rapid City Youth Soccer League (RCYSL) Code of Conduct applies to any and all persons involved, such as a coach, player, referee, administrator, or in any way associated with the Rapid City Youth Soccer League. The intent of this code is to protect the welfare of the youth in our program. Persons involved as described above are considered to be role models and must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

All persons will obey the following code of conduct while being associated with, traveling to, or participating in the RCYSL program, or any endorsed activities with its affiliates. Actions or events that occur away from the field of play, at a time and place removed from league sanctioned events, shall not be exempt from this Code of Conduct. Any violation of this code will cause the person to be ineligible to coach, play, referee or perform the function that the person has been performing until such time that the case has been investigated, reviewed and a ruling made by the RCYSL Board of Directors. Guidelines set forth by the USYSA will be used in the review process, with notification of the ruling to be sent to the state association.

  1. At all times, both on and off the field, he/she will display good sportsmanship.

  2. He/She will control their temper at all times and will help others to do the same.

  3. He/She will do their best to continue to improve their skills or increase their knowledge required to perform the function(s) they have assumed.

  4. The needs of the team come before their own needs.

  5. He/She will represent themselves, their family, and their team with honor and dignity.

  6. He/She will not argue with or harass game officials.

  7. He/She will not use profanity or any language interpreted to be degrading.

  8. He/She will not use drugs.

  9. Consumption of alcohol will not occur in the vicinity of playing/practice soccer fields. Persons under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to participate in or perform their assigned function at that time. The use of tobacco in any form will not be allowed on the field of play and it is appropriate that any coach or fan that smokes do so away from the field of play.

  10. He/She will treat teammates and members of other teams with respect.

  11. He/She will win with honor, and lose with dignity and decorum.

Download a printable version of the RCYSL Code of Conduct here.